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in Bungie's Destiny

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  • It Just Works

    Don't try to memorize which items are where. The app will automagically move them to the character you want, no matter where they are. If they are equipped on another character, they will be unequipped first.

  • Fully Native

    Unlike all other similar tools out there that are actually web pages wrapped in the app, Loadouts are fully native and written in Objective-C. This means faster response times, fewer usability constraints and abilities to integrate latest technologies in the app (such as Apple Watch support, which is coming soon).

  • Loadouts!

    You can save a set of weapons to be transferred and equipped to a loadout to quickly select and move what you want, for every ocassion! Save loadouts for Arc/Void/Solar burns, raids, PvP and more. Get creative!

  • Safe & Secure

    Loadouts uses official Bungie API (just like an official companion app), so all transfers are guarded by the validations on Bungie.Net side which means your items should be totally safe. Due to extensive error checking in the app itself it would rather avoid performing some action if in doubt to make sure everything is in order. Integrity is the king!

  • Transfer and Equip

    You can move up to 10 items per slot, and not just that, you can equip any set of items you want. Loadouts will take care of situations, when there's not enough space on target character (will offload to vault), not enough space in the vault (will offload to another char) or when there's another exotic equipped.

  • Totally Free

    Last but not least, we loathe banners with a passion. Loadouts will always be free and ad-free, too. If you'd like to contribute to the development, send feedback, or donate a few dollars to keep the development going!

Save Time, Guardian!

Here's how:

Tap any item in the list to queue it for transfer. Tap again to equip that item afterwards. Pick a target character and tap Transfer button. That's it. Yep, that's right, as simple as that!




What? You have just transferred all your weapons and a shader — at the same time. That is space age!

Watch the video review ZacheyB
I started using this for the first time yesterday. This is HUGE! … I can't thank you enough for this. As a 2 hunter player, quickly swapping gear, both gear that is equipped, and gear that is in inventory waiting to be leveled up is crucial. You will save me hours. g33kboy
I'm loving the app so much right now. It definitely makes things very simple and easy. D0cR3d
The new load outs update is awesome dude. The visual separators was crucial. Makes it so much easier to use. Thank you Capsaic1n
So wait, the app automatically dequips items and equips anything else then transfers whatever you want to the char you want all by itself? This sh#t sounds better than Nutella. John DoeMoejahi3d

Free For Life

* If you like the app, you can always donate, but it will remain free of ads and banners.

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